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About Me

Connecting body, mind and soul to heal, balance and transform. Dedee is a Professional Medical Intuitive with 35 years experience working in Wellness, Massage, and Mental Health using her expertise to help elevate, heal and restore overall health.

Dedee helps to uncover the underlying causes for people who are struggling to functionally and physically healthy. She uses alternative holistic approaches addressing the Whole person physically, emotionally and nutritionally and helps seek solutions that have escaped modern medicine and traditional methodologies.

Dedee evaluates your overall heath and wellbeing by accessing your “Inner Physician” to heal any physical de-harmonizations or imbalances. She optimizes and re-establishes internal communication between your brain, organs, systems and chakras allowing them to function properly. She can assist to elevate your overall health and wellness allowing your body to heal so you may live a happier and healthier life.

Utilizing a Holistic multi-modality approach, Dedee develops a custom designed protocol for every individual to begin investigating the possible underling causes, which inhibit complete wellness. Individuals who have suffered with allergies, food or chemical sensitivities, unmanageable physical aliments which have eluded traditional treatment approaches, have experienced limited or no success to wellness, are ideal candidates for seeking an alternative approach such as hers.

Persons experiencing emotional pain, traumatizing life events or are experiencing emotional paralysis struggle to move past these debilitating events are able to overcome their emotional suffering by shifting perspective. Dedee uses Emotional Erasing and Releasing techniques by accessing and triggering organs connected to past traumas and emotional blocks thereby releasing them from the body.

Your body has all the answers. Let’s find the solutions together. Let the healing process begin.

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