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Koren Specific Technique

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KST is used to improve body function, promote natural healing, and release physical and emotional stresses.


It is a healing protocol used to locate and correct/release areas of blockage, distortion, interference, stagnation and other stresses in the body and body/mind. Allowing the body to make corrections is vital because the process honors the wisdom and knowledge of the brain/nervous system by never over-exceeding or undermining its ability to heal.


The Arthrostim is used to promote the healing process. The Arthrostim produces nerve impulses, which transmit important information to the brain. The brain will process this information and use it to update its awareness about the condition of an area. Once the brain evaluates the changes prompted by the adjustment, it can begin sending out self-correcting commands to the muscular system, and other systems, to bring about healing within your body. 

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