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Library of Techniques

As a Professional Medical Intuitive with 35 years experience working in Wellness, Massage, and Mental Health, I use my expertise to help elevate, heal and restore overall health.


My techniques help to uncover the underlying causes for individuals who are struggling to be functionally and physically healthy. Using alternative holistic approaches we can address the Whole person physically, emotionally and nutritionally to seek solutions that have escaped modern medicine and traditional methodologies.


I evaluate your overall heath and wellbeing by accessing your “Inner Physician” to heal any physical de-harmonization or imbalances. Many of my techniques are often combined in the same treatment as they are more effective if given together for addressing most musculoskeletal, emotional and/or energetic imbalances. 

Your body has all the answers. Let’s find the solutions together. Let the healing process begin.


Click on any of my techniques for more information.

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